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Please find below the details of all 11 organisations recruiting volunteers at the Camden & Islington Winter 22 Volunteering Fair on Tuesday 8th February.

The organisation recruiting volunteers at this event were:

  1. North London Cares
  2. The Kids Network
  3. The British Museum
  4. Change, Grow, Live
  5. Doorstep Library
  6. Charlie Ratchford Court
  7. Homestart Camden & Islington
  8. IMECE Women’s Centre
  9. Disability Action in Islington
  10. Voluntary Action Islington
  11. Action Tutoring

Here’s a bit about each organisation, what they are looking for and how you can get in touch with them: 

1. North London Cares

London is an amazing city, full of opportunity and change, but for some of our older neighbours – particularly those who have lived in London their entire lives and seen it change beyond recognition – those changes can be isolating and deepen feelings of anonymity and loneliness that are already synonymous with old age. Similarly young Londoners can experience feelings of isolation and loneliness too. Many have few real roots in the city and feel little sense of belonging in the area they live. North London Cares is a community network of older and younger neighbours, sharing time, stories and skills across Camden and Islington, in an effort to reduce isolation and loneliness and bridge social, generational, digital and cultural divides. 
We do this through two main programmes:
Social Clubs: The NLC team host group activities during the day, in the evening and at weekends, where older and younger neighbours come together to learn, laugh and share experiences. From yoga to jazz clubs and trips to the cinema to acting workshops, we try anything and everything – our only rule is no bingo!

Love Your Neighbour:  Some older neighbours rarely leave the house, due to issues with mobility or a lack of confidence through isolation. We match a younger and older neighbour so they can enjoy company, conversation, and companionship in the comfort of an older neighbour’s home or in a local spot. These friendships can also take place over the phone for regular calls or a mix of both visits and phone calls. 

Our two main Volunteer Roles are: 
  • Social Club Volunteer / Neighbour:  A volunteer’s role at our Social clubs is very simple: to be a friendly face, listening ear, and get stuck into the Social Club activity with our Older Neighbours. We run regular clubs at different times all through the month both remotely and in-person. All you need to do is book onto however many or few Social Clubs you are able to attend that month. All we ask is that you come along to the Clubs you have booked. 
  • Love Your Neighbour Volunteer: Volunteering on our 1-2-1 Friendship matching Programme requires a little more commitment. Your main role is to be a friend and enjoy connecting with an older neighbour. You will be required to visit or speak to an older neighbour each week either over the phone or at home with them, whatever works best for you. We ask that you can commit to 6 months of friendship. We require a A DBS Check (paid for by us) and regular record keeping or your visits/ calls. 

We want volunteering with North London Cares to not feel like volunteering but rather spending time with new friends! As one of our younger neighbours Mengran told us: ‘the younger and older pals are like my family members’. We share everything about our lives in social club’. We hope that you will feel part of your local community and meet people you might never have crossed paths with and have a lot of fun in the process! We have many new older neighbours who are coming along to clubs for the first time after the pandemic and we need new younger neighbours to come along with them. Here are the other main benefits of volunteering with North London Cares: 

  • Confidence building – We have opportunities for volunteers to facilitate their own Social Clubs. 

  • Growing your social skills – You will learn so much from speaking to all kinds of people that you might never have crossed paths with. 

  • Reducing Isolation & Loneliness in your local community. 

To get involved sign up here:

2. The Kids Network

  1. The Kids Network – The Kids Network is looking for committed, fun and passionate volunteers who live or work near the London Borough of Camden, to make a difference to the children of London. Our structured mentoring programme supports 8 -11 year old’s, based in Camden, to support with their social and emotional development before they transition into secondary school.
  2. As a mentor, you will hold weekly one on one sessions of 1 -3 hours. Adhering to the governments guidelines, these could be with face to face sessions or if necessary, phone sessions. You will help to build confidence, resilience and help your mentee to manage feelings through a series of fun and positive experiences and activities.
  3. What impact will this have?

Help build resilience and confidence in children as they transition from primary to secondary school. See London through the eyes of a child as you explore new and familiar places in this wonderful city we live in! Learn from fellow mentors with our amazing peer network.

Interested? Check out all of the details and apply on their website.

3. The British Museum

a. What is the name of your organisation and its mission (why does it exist, what does it aim to do)

The British Museum houses eight million objects from different cultures from all over the world, encompassing two million years of human history and culture. The best way to find out more is by visiting our website – 

b. What is the title of the volunteering role(s) that you are recruiting for and a brief description of that role(s)

Pop up tours

We are recruiting for people to join a small enthusiastic team of volunteers to develop and deliver 10-minute pop up tours for the public.  These tours will focus on different parts of the British Museum’s architecture and accompany a temporary exhibition, ‘Greek Revival: simplicity and splendor’ 

c. Why someone would want to volunteer with you? What difference will be made to them, to your organisation and / or the local community. Are there any other benefits to them (such as personal development, alleviating loneliness, something to put on their CV etc

  • Make new friends
  • Share your passion and enthusiasm
  • Learn new skills
  • Become part of a supportive team and community
  • Access to exclusive events and training for volunteers
  • Enjoy the Museum and its collection

Interested? Get in touch with Jess directly by email

4. Change, Grow, Live

Contact details

Name: Adina Bennett


Telephone Number: 07552551196

Name and address of organisation 

Change Grow Live 

140-142 Kings Cross Road, London WC1X 9DS


CGL provides a range of services to support individuals, families and communities whose lives are adversely affected by crime, substance misuse, homelessness, anti-social behaviour, domestic violence, social deprivation and lack of opportunity. The Charity works with challenging service users with complex needs, including those with entrenched drug habits and offending behaviour.

Would you like to help people to make positive changes in their lives? While developing new skills and experiences of your own? If so, we would love to have you join us here at CGL as a London-based CFO3 Community Volunteer Mentor.

Our Volunteer CF03 Programme, in partnership with Shaw Trust, helps people who are in contact with Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) move towards social inclusion and desist from re-offending. 

What does a Volunteer Mentor do?

We want you to spend time with our service users and offer emotional & practical support. Listen to concerns and help to overcome them. This includes:

– Build trusting, supportive professional relationships.

– Helping to develop life skills and inspire those who lack motivation and self-belief.

– Encourage engagement with professional and community services: including accompanying them to their appointments where necessary.

– Give guidance on education/ employment, financial awareness, housing issues, and personal wellbeing.

– Empower to access activities to aid social integration. Identify likes/ dislikes and match to prosocial activities.

How will I benefit by becoming a Volunteer Mentor?

– We offer Mentor Training to all successful applicants.

– Experience in working with hard-to-reach and at-risk adults.

– Networking opportunities and insight into the work of Probation and its staff

– Connect to your community and make it a better place.

Am I eligible? 

You do not need to have formal qualifications or previous experience. Although, we ask for a few hours a week commitment, reliability, and good communication. Being non-judgmental and open-minded is also important. You must be age 18+ to apply and undergo DBS checks. 

How do I apply?

Please visit our website:

You will find a Community Volunteer Mentor Role Description and Application form.

Get in touch with us at: / 07552551196 to discuss this opportunity with our London CFO3 Volunteer Coordinator. 

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

5. Doorstep Library

a. What is the name of your organisation and its mission (why does it exist, what does it aim to do)

Doorstep Library is an innovative charity using trained reading volunteers to improve the reading of children from 0-11 years who face barriers like having a low economic background. Our mission is to support children to become keen and confident readers as well as supporting parents to take an active role in reading for pleasure with their children. We also aim to support families to connect to a wider range of cultural, social and support services.

b. What is the title of the volunteering role(s) that you are recruiting for and a brief description of that role(s)

We are recruiting for our Home Reading Volunteer role for our 2 projects in Camden, one being in Chalk Farm and the other in Sumers Pond. 

Home Reading Volunteers visit 5 families at home every week to have 20 minute child-led reading sessions. These run on either on a Monday or Tuesday from 4.30pm to 7.00pm. Volunteers meet at the project base with Doorstep Library staff members before visiting family homes with another volunteer.

We are also looking for Stand In volunteers. This opportunity is for anyone who cannot commit to volunteering every week.  Stand In volunteers volunteer when regular volunteers aren’t available. 

We also have Home Reading projects in Hammersmith & Fulham, Westminster and Lambeth which follow the same format as our project in Camden but also run on Thursdays. We also are recruiting volunteers for our Online Reading Programme which runs on the same days and times as our Home Reading programme and takes place via Zoom. 

c. Why someone would want to volunteer with you? What difference will be made to them, to your organisation and / or the local community. Are there any other benefits to them (such as personal development, alleviating loneliness, something to put on their CV etc)?

Volunteers gain as much from their weekly reading sessions as they give, often citing the day as the highlight of their week! Volunteering not only offers vital support to those who need it most, but its impacts also extend to the volunteers themselves.

Being a volunteer allows you to connect with the local community, build new relationships and learn new skills. As well as greatly improving your mental health and wellbeing.

Volunteering with Doorstep Library provides an opportunity to:

  • build your confidence and improve your self-esteem
  • share your love of reading and books with the children you see
  • make new social connections with your fellow volunteers and families you visit
  • make a real difference to the lives of others
  • give back to the community you live in or the community you visit every week
  • improve your leadership skills as you lead your pack through visits.
  • volunteers are provided with extensive training. This prepares volunteers for the role for example, it teaches volunteers how to engage children with reading and safeguarding.

Interested? Check out all the details and apply now on their website here.

6. Charlie Ratchford Court

Charlie Ratchford Court is an extra care scheme in Camden, Chalk Farm. Which provides extra care to multi-generational people who live with physical and mental health conditions. We support people and promote their independence.#

‘The Befriending Project’ is a series of different roles available to the public and community members to help change the lives of people through supporting them with daily and weekly activities. Roles available include Activity Facilitator, Digital companion, Shopping company and Physical Activator.

Giving back to the community is rewarding, especially by helping change someone’s life. At Charlie Ratchford Court we look at the values amongst other things i.e. qualifications etc. By joining this befriending project they will be making a huge difference to the people’s lives we support by them to do the everyday things we all want to do. The project is designed to alleviate loneliness, develop as an individual, and also further any skills.

Interested? Get in touch with Hicham by email and he will take it from there! 

7. Homestart Camden & Islington

Home-Start Camden & Islington, is a grass roots charity that support and empowers parents with children under the age of five in the London boroughs of Camden & Islington. We are affiliated with Home Start UK but are responsible for our own management. Home Start UK provides advice and support to over 300 Home Start Schemes in the UK.  

Our volunteers are given bespoke training and matched with a family to best meet the needs of that family. They visit the families in their homes and provide non-judgmental, peer to peer and emotional support.

We are looking for volunteers with parenting or child caring experience to support families for 3-4hours per week, for a minimum of one year upon completing the preparation course. Some of the key skills we look for in our volunteers are: a non-judgmental approach, reliability, commitment, willingness to learn and attend training, effective & sensitive communication, and sufficient English to participate in training and understand HS policies.

Home Start volunteers gain a lot while with us including: increased self-confidence, ability to meet new people, becoming more involved in your community, on-going training, excellent experience for their CV when applying for jobs. Alongside this they see the benefit of what their help and support mean to their matched families. 

Interested in volunteering with Homestart C & I? Check out all of the details and apply now on their website.

8. IMECE Women’s Centre

IMECE is a woman only community based charity aiming to improve the lives of BAMER (i.e. Black, Asian, minority ethnic, refugee) and, particularly Turkish, Kurdish and Turkish Cypriot women. We are a specialist ‘by and for’ BAMER women’s organisation challenging women’s inequality. Their vision is a society where all BAMER women and girls are able to pursue their dreams and enjoy their lives free from all forms of violence, discrimination and prejudice. Their mission is to use an intersectional approach to recognise the impact of multiple discrimination upon BAMER women.

IMECE welcomes all women over 18 who are from Turkish, Kurdish and Cypriot Turkish communities who are currently based in London, speaking at least intermediate level of English, as well as Turkish and/or Kurdish to their volunteering team.

IMECE volunteers are a part of a diverse team who are determined to empower and change the lives of other women for the better. The sense of sisterhood and empowerment in our community will help volunteers alleviating loneliness. Volunteering experience at IMECE is not only internally very rewarding but also provides important hands-on experience that are directly relevant to fields such as Psychology, Law, Counselling, Human rights, Feminism studies, Women’s sector. 

They also support volunteers in, Employment opportunities, Free training on employability skills and domestic violence related awareness to make your CV stand out, Free personal development opportunities, Wide range of skills and knowledge, Increased understanding of diversity, equal opportunities and confidentiality, Networking and experience sharing, Business/professional English skills…

IMECE is recruiting volunteers to shadow one of their three services:

  • Violence Against Women and Girls team volunteers
    Supporting survivors of Violence Against Women and Girls and supporting the initial risk assessment and safeguarding of domestic abuse cases
  • Advice & Information team volunteers 
    Call handling & shadowing a member of staff who provides advice and information on issues such as housing, empoyability, universal credit etc. Supporting clients to write documents in English and sending them to relevant parties.
  • Counselling team volunteers
    Assisting the counsellors in writing initial psychological assessment and mental health reports to GPs. Making well-being check-up calls to the clients. Supporting the therapy groups or Women’s weekly workshops

Interested? Find out all of the details and apply now on the IMECE website.

9. Disability Action in Islington

What is the name of your organisation and its mission (why does it exist, what does it aim to do) 

Disability Action in Islington. We are an organisation run by disabled people, for disabled people in Islington. Our vision is to ensure local Disabled people are able to access services and entitlements, and challenge exclusion and discrimination. We primarily have an Advice and support service

b. What is the title of the volunteering role(s) that you are recruiting for and a brief description of that role(s) 

  1. Volunteer Admin/Receptionist Assistant 

You will be the first point of call for service users calling in person and phoning for advice. You would be registering and assigning various service users to other colleagues, and signposting them to other organisations when needed. The Reception/Admin Assistant will maintain an efficient and friendly front desk and telephone answering service, as well as keeping records up to date in our internal systems

  1. Volunteer Advice Worker 

The Volunteer Advice worker will play a key role in supporting DAII staff and volunteers in carrying out their work. We are looking for someone with experience of advice work and the benefits system to help us maintain an efficient and knowledgeable advice service, by facilitating a wide range of clients. The Advice worker will be friendly, have good written/verbal skills, with empathy and patience.  

c. Why someone would want to volunteer with you? What difference will be made to them, to your organisation and / or the local community. Are there any other benefits to them (such as personal development, alleviating loneliness, something to put on their CV etc)?

We are able to provide in-house training in advice, and there is lots of opportunities for different project work, and even becoming an advice worker. 

We are really keen to have volunteers who have lived experience of Disability, or are someone hoping to get back into employability and workplace skills. We are happy to provide any access arrangements needed.  

We are also able to reimburse for Lunch as well as Travel costs.

10. Volunteer Centre Islington

Volunteer Centre Islington gives information and support to people who work with volunteers as well as people who want to volunteer locally. They are hosted within Voluntary Action Islington which has a number of services for non-profits in Islington including funding, training, hot desking and much, much more! They are currently recruiting volunteers to help other volunteers find their perfect volunteering roles. Interested? Read on… 

Volunteering Brokerage Advisor – Do you want to play a key role in supporting and developing volunteering within Islington? Do want to know more about the volunteering sector? The process of volunteer brokerage matches interested local people with suitable volunteering opportunities within charities and community groups. This vital work sustains and extends the effort of locally active community groups and charities and enables everybody to play a positive part in the life of the area.

11. Action Tutoring

Action Tutoring would love to have you involved in supporting youth education! 

To complete the application process you need to fill out our quick form here:

Once completed we will review it within 1-2 working days.  

We support disadvantaged pupils studying towards their SATs (years 5 &  6, aged 9-11) and GCSEs (years 10 & 11, aged 14-16). Our tutors are provided with free training, a DBS check, and course workbooks. You would volunteer for one hour a week at the same time for ten weeks, either in person or online depending on location and preference. 

Do let me know if you have any questions at all. I look forward to receiving your application to make a difference!!

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