Since 2019 Volunteer Centre Camden has adopted the Participaction; strategy of volunteer development in Camden. This approach means we recognise and want to encourage and facilitate giving of time in all of its various forms, both formally and informally.


Participaction is about giving time in any capacity, whether informally for a short time or a one-off task or formally in a defined role carried out on a regular basis, that helps someone or the community in general.


Participaction is compassionate action that can be carried out by anyone and everyone: a person, organisation or a business. We believe our community is stronger, more cohesive and resilient when all are participactive.

How to get Participactive?

If you are interested in a formal volunteering role to help one of the hundreds of amazing charities in Camden, then please click here to find out more and search our online database of current opportunities.


If you want to give your time in a different way, the number of ways to carry out participaction is endless and part of the point is that you can come up with ways to be participactive yourself. However, here are just a few ideas that might inspire you:


Be a good neighbour – this includes the basics of being respectful but also looking out for your neighbour. Could one of your neighbours need help getting some food, receiving a delivery or in their garden? In a power cut or water outage, is there a neighbour who may need some assistance?


When you have a spare moment, why not help people who are blind and with low vision through an app on your phone – Be My Eyes


Give feedback on GP surgery or NHS – join a participation group (could be online, face-to-face, telephone):


Improve air quality in Camden (as well as other Camden 2025 Community Challenges):


Get fit by running and do good with Good Gym Camden:


Get fit through conservation work and make Camden greener with Camden Green Gym:


Food Drop: Reduce and waste and help local causes by collecting and distributing surplus food at a time that suits you. (About to be launched in Camden)


North London Cares: Intergenerational social clubs to reduce isolation and loneliness for local older residents:

  • Volunteer Recruitment – – We are contacted by more than 7000 people a year who want to volunteer in Camden. We promote volunteering widely through all of our services for volunteers and online (via Simply Connect on our website as well as Time to Spare and Furlough Go ), and as a partner organisation your opportunities can be seen by all these potential volunteers. Start advertising your opportunities now. Other ways to recruit volunteers locally include:
    SkillShare – Search lists of potential volunteers with specialist skills and ask them directly to support your organisation. There are three online databases which allow you to do this, Time to Spare and Furlough Go 
    Team UP – We match your organisation with business volunteers
    Volunteering Fairs – This is your chance to ‘sell’ your volunteering opportunities to a number of people looking to volunteer in a short amount of time. It’s also the perfect opportunity to network with local non-profits.

Have you considered becoming a Trustee of a charity?

It is a great way to volunteer and can fit around work hours. The above sites will have Trustee opportunities or why not approach a charity you like and ask if they need any more Trustees at the moment. Include a CV and a short statement about what skills and experience you could offer.


If you are not sure of what you can do that will be impactful and also meet your requirements and objectives, then get in touch with Team UP who are not-for-profit specialists helping businesses to support the community through volunteering.

If you still need some help with some ideas, then contact Volunteer Centre Camden directly:

Telephone: 020 7424 9990

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