Creating volunteer strategies for the modern world.

To help charity leaders and volunteer managers build volunteering in a strategic way that adds significant value to their mission. We would explore how to align the volunteering activity to the organisation’s strategic aims, how to involve stakeholders in developing the volunteering strategy. Explore the societal, economic, and technological environment that affects volunteering and trends that should be taken into account. We will look at the communications, marketing, inclusion and resourcing challenges and how to address them. We will briefly look at how to measure impact in strategic design.

This event will be delivered by Chris Wade, CEO of Time for Impact.

Chris has an extensive career in the charity sector that spans almost 25 years. Having held director, CEO and trustee positions in national, federated and local charities he has a very broad experience at achieving maximum impact through people to help charitable causes and membership bodies. He left his role of 9 years as People Director at the MND Association to found his company, Time for Impact, with a mission to shape the future through innovation in volunteering leadership.

As well as over a decade on the boards of Volunteering England and NCVO, Chris chaired the National Network of Volunteer Involving Agencies; supporting strategic volunteering development across the sector.

Chris has an enormous enthusiasm for finding strategies, structures and processes that truly release and harness the voluntary power of people to contribute in their communities.

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