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We would love to hear from organisations with corporate volunteering opportunities for 2023 so Team UP can promote them to our network of corporate businesses.

Team UP supports both organisations with a Corporate Volunteering Programme already in place and organisations that do not have a programme in place but need the support of a group of people for a whole day. 
Some examples of corporate volunteering opportunities: 
Maintaining green spaces, renovating facilities (painting, building, gardening), befriending activities. We are open to discuss further opportunities that you might have.
What to consider:
– Our clients usually look for meaningful activities to do as a team (8-50 volunteers)
– Our clients normally look for a one-off project (one day or half-day)
– We take care of communication, logistics and supervision on the activity day for you
– Our clients have a budget which usually go towards material to carry out the volunteering activity
– Even if you are not sure we can facilitate your opportunity feel free to get in touch
– If you have a corporate volunteering programme in place we can still share it with our clients and help you to reach more revenue  

If you would like to share an opportunity with us, please feel the form.

Questions? Get in touch with Raquel by email.


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